Why You Can’t Wait to Hire a Lawyer if You’re Charged with a Crime

You’ve just been arrested and you need to defend yourself. As a defendant in a criminal case, you’ve entered the Criminal Justice System – one of the most complex and confusing systems devised by man. More than likely, your idea of what happens to someone in a criminal case is based on what you’ve seen on TV or in the movies, or what you’ve read in the newspapers or magazines. Those versions tend to be in black or white terms – guilty or not guilty. But the Criminal Justice System works in shades of gray too.

If you’re going to make your way through the system with any success, you’re definitely going to need a guide. You need a lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of a system with which you are completely unfamiliar. Here are several reasons why.

One of the intangibles, but one of the most important services a lawyer can render, is to make you more comfortable with the process you are going through. The lawyer’s been through this many times, and can put the experience in context for you. When you know what to expect, it’s much less frightening.

Your local court system is the same as any social system in some ways. There are good people and bad people, there are leaders and followers, there are people who don’t get along with each other. There are harsh judges and there are judges who show leniency. And there are unwritten rules that an outsider doesn’t know about. An experienced lawyer will know how to maneuver in this environment.

Your lawyer will investigate the case and determine how the unique facts of your case apply to the law. The law is very complex, and its application to a particular set of facts will reveal strengths and weaknesses in your case that you may not know exist.

If there is any way possible to get your case dismissed, your lawyer will be able to try and accomplish it. But dismissal of a case is not always a viable option. Many times there are alternatives, such as a reduction of charges to something less serious, or dismissal of some of the charges but not all of them.

Is that plea bargain really a good deal? Your lawyer will be able to help you evaluate your options. He or she will have the ability to negotiate with prosecutors and will often be successful in obtaining the best possible outcome available. And your lawyer will understand the real implications of pleading guilty to a crime, not just in terms of the sentence you will receive, but how it will affect your professional and personal life.

There are many protections for defendants built into the legal system. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer has knowledge of the full range of laws and procedures for protecting defendants. This is your life – make the right choices and regain control of it!

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Written by Law Offices of Barry M. Wax

Law Offices of Barry M. Wax

For 34 years, I have provided both State- and Federal-Level representation for those facing charges ranging from wire fraud, mortgage fraud, and healthcare fraud to identity theft, drug trafficking, money laundering, murder, DUI, domestic violence and numerous other criminal charges. In every case, it is my commitment to one-on-one service and support that has separated the Law Offices of Barry M. Wax from other criminal defense firms. When it comes to your future, you need a strong defense and the ability to make the right choices and regain control of your life.