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What Will Happen to Me if I Get Arrested?

You know being arrested is something that happens in virtually every criminal case. Now, typically the police will come to your home, your place of business or they may encounter you on the street where the crime has occurred. At that time, you'll be taken into custody and what that means is you're going to be handcuffed, you're going to be put into a police car and you're going to be taken either to a police station or to a jail.

Once you get to the destination you're going to be processed, what you know as the term booked. You're going to be fingerprinted, you're going to be photographed and all of your personal information, name, address, date of birth, place of employment are all going to be taken by the police. Don't resist this process; there's nothing about it that's going to be used against you in court.

After you receive all of this information and all of these things have happened to you then the questions going to be whether or not you qualify for bail. Now, in the State Court system you can get bail as a matter of right in about 95% of all crimes and you'll be able to bond out of jail, maybe even before you go see the judge. However, it may be necessary for you to be taken in front of the judge the next day and if that happens the judge is going to tell you what you've been charged with, they're going to find out if you can afford an attorney, if you can't afford an attorney they're going to appoint an attorney to represent you and then they're going to take up the issue of bail; that is the terms of your release from custody. That's what happens to you in State Court.

In Federal Court it's mostly the same but there are some slight differences. If you're arrested in federal court you're going to have to be taken before a judge before you can be released but with that exception it's typically the same. The process is something that has to happen and the best thing that you can do is just get through the process as smoothly as possible.