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The FBI Wants to Ask Me Questions About Possible Financial Crimes Should I Cooperate?

So the FBI has showed up at your home or place of business and want to ask you questions and you're wondering should I cooperate with them, should I answer their questions? And these are valid points that you need to examine very, very closely.

Now, talking to the FBI may or may not be in your best interest but you're not going to know the answer to that question until you've had the opportunity to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

When the FBI show up to question you very rarely do they tell you what their ultimate goal is. You don't know if they're interested in you, someone you know or if they're just there to talk with you as a witness but if you consult with a criminal defense attorney they can contact the FBI agent, talk to them and find out why they came to question you.

So, the best thing that you can do is to tell the FBI agents that you're more than happy to cooperate with them but you would feel more comfortable if you had an attorney with you.

Get the FBI agent's name, business card and telephone number. Typically they're very professional and they'll be more than happy to talk with an attorney on your behalf. Once you do that contact an attorney, schedule a consultation and ask them important questions; number one, why did the FBI come to visit me in the first place and number two, can you help me through this process?