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I've Been Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence. How Can I Clear My Name?

You know, domestic violence is one of the hot topics in the news these days, we see it happen to everyone from celebrities to athletes to professionals and many times individuals are falsely accused of domestic violence, in fact, it happens quite frequently in the context of divorce cases or child custody matters.

If you believe that you've been falsely accused of domestic violence the most important thing that you can do is not make it any worse. Yes, you're upset, yes you're embarrassed, yes, you've probably been to jail and yes you've probably been told that you have to stay away from the individual who accused you of domestic violence and this can result in tumultuous emotions but be careful at this time; don't let your emotions run away with you and don't make bad choices that are only going to make the situation worse.

What's important for you to do right now is to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area that knows the law and knows the courtroom procedure.

If you've been falsely accused more than likely it's going to come to the surface and the case is going to be dismissed but that's up to you because you have to make the right choices.