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I'm Being Charged with Financial Crimes. What's Going to Happen Now?

So you've been charged with financial crimes and you're wondering what might happen to you now? Well, initially you're going to have to surrender if you haven't already been arrested so that you can be processed into the system and that involves the things that you'd expect like being fingerprinted and photographed and going in front of a judge to determine whether or not you can be released from custody but beyond that there's some other significant consequences.

The first thing is in the event of financial crimes many times you can find that your bank accounts have been frozen or that property that you own has had a lien entered against it or even seized by the government.

At this point in time what you need is the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through this maze. It can be very, very difficult to be charged with a crime but that is only compounded when your financial ability to support yourself and provide for your family is also compromised.