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I Think a Warrant Is About to Be Issued for My Arrest What Should I Do?

So you think that a warrant is about to be issued for your arrest, that means that you have some information that may or may not be true. At this point there's not much that you can do as an individual. If you were to call the police and ask them if there's going to be a warrant issued for your arrest, more than likely they won't give you an answer and if in fact they do want to arrest you you'll probably tell you to come down to the police station so that they can meet you and talk about it.

If you do that and you're suspicions are correct then more than likely you will be arrested and you will be taken to jail, now that's an ordeal that you'd like to avoid. However, if your suspicions are such that you feel very strongly that this is going to happen to you, what you should do is you should contact and experienced criminal defense attorney.

After meeting with him or her you can then understand the steps that need to be taken to protect you. Your attorney can contact the police, find out what's going on, perhaps even determine if an arrest warrant is going to be issued and if appropriate arrange for you to voluntarily surrender at the police station at a time and place that's mutually acceptable to you and to the police that way you'll be able to avoid the embarrassment and the indignity of possibly being arrested in front of your family, your friends or your business associates.