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I Don't Think I've Done Anything Wrong. Why Shouldn't I Talk to The Police and Explain It to Them?

So the police have come to your house or your place of business and they're telling you that they're going to arrest you and charge you with a crime and you're saying to yourself wait a second, I haven't done anything wrong, maybe I should tell them what happened, maybe I should explain myself and they're going to see it my way and that way they're not going to arrest me.

And you know something, maybe that's true! It's possible that you can talk your way out of an arrest but 999 times out of 1000 that's not going to happen. Understand that by the time the police come to your home or your place of business to arrest you they've already made up their mind that they have sufficient evidence; what we call probable cause and their goal at that point is to get a statement from you which is incriminating; what you know as a confession.

When you're talking to the police and you believe that you're explaining yourself or defending yourself they're seeing it completely different. Now, one of the best ways that you can protect yourself if you do want to explain yourself is to have a criminal defense attorney with you. Before you go speak to the police and explain yourself your attorney can thoroughly review your case and the facts with you because there may be something that happened that you don't know implicates you in a crime and if you make that statement without the protection of an attorney to the police, well, that could make things worse for you rather than a lot better.

There are many other things that an experienced criminal defense attorney can do for you to present your case to both the police and the prosecution much more effectively than you can and if, in fact, you were falsely accused then more than likely you're going to get the result that you're looking for.