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I Am Under Investigation For A Crime What Should I Do?

If you're under investigation for a crime the most important thing is to protect your rights. It's best not to talk to the police or any law enforcement agencies without having an experienced attorney on your side.

You may not realize it but things that you say that you believe might help you can actually hurt you. When the police show up at your house and say that they want to talk with you tell them that you'll be more than willing to cooperate but that you prefer to have your attorney with you. Ask the police officer for a business card, a name, a contact phone number and let them know that your attorney will be contacting them within the next 24 hours that way you know that your rights will be protected and nothing that you say will be used against you improperly.

It's most important for you to protect yourself at all times and the only way that you can do that is with an experienced attorney by your side.