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How Can I Avoid Incriminating Myself and Making My Situation Worse During a Criminal Investigation?

One of the most difficult things that happens during criminal investigations is that the person who's the target of the investigation which may in fact be you, a loved one or a friend wants to talk to the police because our human nature is that we want to defend ourselves, we want to explain ourselves and in some situations that can be very effective but in a criminal investigation typically it's not as effective.

Remember that the police are there and they're gathering evidence and that evidence is to be used against someone in a criminal prosecution. Many times when you say something that you think is helpful to you it can actually be to the contrary and it's not just the words that you speak, it's the way that you speak them; it's your tone of voice, it's your body language because police are trained interrogators and they know how to examine things from many different perspectives and several different dimensions.

So when you think that you're saying something to the police that might help you, you could actually be incriminating yourself. The best thing to do, let the police do their job and remain silent.