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Why the Dark Web is Used for Criminal Activities

You won’t find it on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It’s called the “dark web” and it has become a mainstay in the criminal underworld. There is an entire subculture that uses the dark web for illegal drug sales, money laundering...

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Are You Allowed to Have a Medical Marijuana Card AND Concealed Carry Permit in Florida?

The answer to this is somewhat complicated due to the disconnect between federal and state law on marijuana. You may be eligible to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in Florida if you have a qualifying condition (such as epilepsy, glaucoma,...

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Do You Have to Disclose Your Entire Criminal History When Applying for a Professional License in Florida?

One of the biggest risks you can take when applying for some type of professional licensing in Florida is not disclosing prior convictions. Unfortunately, many professionals must even disclose convictions that have been sealed or expunged. This often...

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