I Was Arrested and Charged with a Crime. What Happens Next?

There are two important rules you must remember if you are arrested.

  1. Don’t say anything – invoke your right to an attorney
  2. Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

After you are arrested, you will be transported to a jail to go through initial processing. This means you’re fingerprinted and photographed, a jail number is assigned to you and you’ll be placed in a holding cell. A background check for prior arrests or outstanding warrants  will be also be performed.This process typically takes 4 to 6 hours. At some point, you will have access to a telephone, and it’s important that you contact your attorney (if you have one), or a family member or close friend who will assist you in being released.

The court hearing is when the charges are read. Sometimes this is your first opportunity to find out what the charges against you are. If you don’t have an attorney by this time, an attorney will be appointed. Your attorney will discuss the charges with you before you go before the court.

It’s quite possible a plea offer has been made, in which case your attorney will discuss it with you. If you’re going to be released, either with or without bail, your attorney will provide you with information about the arrangements. For releases without bail, it’s possible the attorney may need information about your community ties. Your attorney may ask a friend or relative to appear in court to vouch for you.

At the actual arraignment, you can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. You should reach the decision about your plea in discussion with your attorney. If you have anything to say, you should communicate it through your attorney.

It’s important that you have an attorney as early as possible in the process. If you know you’re going to be arrested, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney before it happens. An attorney is your best bet for knowing how to plea and for arranging for you to get out of jail.

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Written by Law Offices of Barry M. Wax

Law Offices of Barry M. Wax

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