The Stakes Are High: How a Criminal Conviction Impacts Your Life Even After You’ve Served Your Time

In the movies, nothing stops the hero, not even jail time. In real life, being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor can unfortunately can have long-lasting consequences. You may think that serving your time is punishment enough, but society often has other ideas. The primary consequence of a felony conviction is the loss of your civil rights. These include the right to vote, the right to hold public office, the Read More

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you or a loved one need a criminal defense attorney, you can’t afford to take your time evaluating options, because every hour lost is very significant when you’ve been charged with a crime. But it IS critically important that you hire the right attorney. Your lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case, and the outcome of your case will have a big effect on your life. So how do you make a good Read More

What to Expect When You’re Facing White Collar Charges

One big difference between white-collar criminal charges and other criminal charges is that if you’re going to be charged with a white collar crime, you’ll probably know about it ahead of time. You might have been contacted by the Securities and Exchange Commission or the FBI. You might have been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury and testify or produce business records. You might have received a target Read More

I Was Arrested and Charged with a Crime. What Happens Next?

There are two important rules you must remember if you are arrested. Don’t say anything - invoke your right to an attorney Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. After you are arrested, you will be transported to a jail to go through initial processing. This means you’re fingerprinted and photographed, a jail number is assigned to you and you’ll be placed in a holding cell. A background check for prior Read More

Why You Can’t Wait to Hire a Lawyer if You’re Charged with a Crime

You’ve just been arrested and you need to defend yourself. As a defendant in a criminal case, you’ve entered the Criminal Justice System - one of the most complex and confusing systems devised by man. More than likely, your idea of what happens to someone in a criminal case is based on what you’ve seen on TV or in the movies, or what you’ve read in the newspapers or magazines. Those versions tend to be in black or Read More

My Friend Just Got Arrested! What Do I Do Now?

You get the dreaded 2 AM phone call—your friend is in jail. What can you do to help? Stay calm. He or she is probably terrified at the moment, and you need to be a reassuring presence. The first thing you need to do is to encourage your friend not to answer any questions or to discuss the case with anyone. Your friend shouldn’t even tell you anything about what happened—be sure to warn him or her at the Read More

Lawyers: What to Do If Your Client Is Arrested

It’s the middle of the night, and you’re deep in a sound sleep when your cell phone rings. As you shake the cobwebs from your head you realize that one of your friends, clients, or heaven forbid a family member has been arrested. Your instincts kick in and you realize that you have to act fast. You should start by gathering as much information as you can in what is probably a very limited time period. First, Read More

What to Do If You Get “The Call” – A Friend or Family Member Has Been Arrested

So you’re out to dinner with friends, or at an event at your child’s school, or you get a phone call from someone and they confide in you that they or a family member have been arrested. What do you do? How should you handle this conversation, and help them get the assistance that they need? How can you, as someone that person trusts, help them make the right decisions and hire an effective criminal defense Read More

Florida Criminal Defense: How is Bail Determined?

If you or a loved one has been arrested, it can be an extremely frightening experience. What often makes it worse, however, is just how confusing the entire process can be. One of the first things that takes place after an arrest is the bond hearing. This is where a judge will decide whether or not you are able to get out of jail by paying a set amount of money, known as a bail bond. Having a good understanding of Read More

White Collar Defense: What to Know if You’re Charged with Money Laundering in Florida

Money laundering is a very serious crime, and one that is often prosecuted harshly in the United States Federal Courts and the State of Florida. If you or someone you know has been charged with money laundering, it is absolutely essential that you contact an attorney immediately. This is not something that you will be able to handle on your own. In addition to retaining an experienced defense attorney, it is also Read More