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Department of Justice Cracking Down on Telemedicine Fraud

The U.S. Department of Justice is going to great lengths to take down telemedicine fraud. This has become a serious issue that the government wants to put a swift end to as more patients opt for the convenience of medical care and advice from the comfort of their own homes.

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Don’t Listen to the Movies: Common Hollywood Myths About Criminal Defense

Your best criminal defense is always going to be knowledge. Some may claim the best criminal defense is the truth, but the truth can be fickle in the way two different people can experience or believe two different truths.

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4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The decision to hire a criminal defense attorney is undeniably an important one.

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Differences Between State and Federal Courts Part 4: Jury Selection

We’ve been exploring the differences between state and federal courts in recent months as these key differences can often make or break a case.

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Differences Between State and Federal Courts Part 3: Plea Negotiations & Plea Agreements

Regardless of the crime, you’re facing or the judicial jurisdiction in which your case is being tried, a plea agreement is an important consideration for all parties involved.

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Differences Between State and Federal Courts Part 2: The Discovery Process and Disclosure of Witnesses

In court cases in both state and federal court, “discovery” is a crucial component of fashioning a defense.

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Difference Between State and Federal Courts Part 1: Can I Be Tried for the Same Crime in Both State and Federal Court?

When you are charged with a crime, the jurisdiction of your court case is determined based on whether the offense(s) in question violate state or federal crimes.

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Getting Criminal Charges Off Your Record in Florida

People make mistakes. As a law firm with extensive experience in criminal defense, we understand that as much as anyone.

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White Collar vs. Blue vs. Green: Understanding the Colors of Crime

For as black and white as the law claims to be, they sure make crime sound colorful.

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Introduction to Aggravated Identity Theft (18 USC Sec. 1028A)

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes today, and it has been for a number of years.

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