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Defending yourself in court is never easy. However, with help from the right criminal defense attorney, you can walk into the courtroom with a strong team of professionals by your side. The Law Offices Of Barry M. Wax works with clients throughout the state of Florida and the United States, helping with everything from investigation and arrest to the jury verdict and conclusion of the case.

Hiring an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer will give you the resources you need to build a strong case and prepare a solid defense. If you are in need of criminal defense representation, make an appointment with attorney, Barry Wax today.

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What Makes Our Law Firm Different?

When your freedom, livelihood and financial future are at stake, you want to choose a criminal defense lawyer with proven experience to represent you. Barry M. Wax works hard to help all of his clients vigorously defend themselves and advocate for their rights in and out of the court room.

You can rely on us for top-tier legal services because...

  • Our criminal defense attorney has 36 years of courtroom, trial experience representing clients just like you.
  • Mr. Wax typically limits our caseload to no more than 30 concurrent cases so we can provide personalized attention you demand.
  • We can assist you with collateral legal matters that arise in criminal cases such as potential loss of a professional license .
If you need the assistance of a defense attorney, Mr. Wax is here to help you. Call 305-373-4400 today to set up your initial consultation.

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