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Defending your truth in court is never easy. But with help from the right criminal defense attorney, you can walk into the courtroom with a strong team of professionals by your side. My Miami based law firm — Law Offices Of Barry M. Wax — works with clients throughout Florida and the United States to provide the resources needed to build a successful defense. Whether your case is in federal or state court, and involves money laundering, drug trafficking, health care fraud, wire fraud, white-collar crime, domestic violence or any criminal charge at all, you can count on me for skilled representation.

I offer my experienced guidance and support through every phase of your case, from investigation and arrest to jury verdict and conclusion. Reach out and make an appointment today for a consultation and take your first steps toward making informed decisions and regaining control of your life.

Criminal Defense Attorney Based in
Miami, Florida

Barry M. Wax

Barry M. Wax

Attorney at Law

I've been practicing criminal defense law in state and federal courts throughout the country since 1985. I have extensive experience handling highly serious and complex cases, including health care fraud, drug trafficking and money laundering. For a compassionate lawyer you can depend on, contact my law firm in Miami, Florida. I look forward to collaborating with you in your pursuit of justice.
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My criminal defense career spans 37 years. You can rely on me to fight for your ideal outcome.


You need to be able to trust and believe in your attorney. I'm just as skilled as I am compassionate and ready to guide you in making the best decisions possible.


As an attorney at a small firm, I pride myself on providing prompt and personal attention. Call me today to get started.

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White-Collar Defense

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Healthcare &
Medicare Fraud 

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Professional Licensing

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Years of Experience

I gave my case to Barry and not only was he courteous and professional, but he also took the added time to listen and treat me like a real person. I got the sense that he genuinely cared about not only my case but myself and an individual that didn't know all their rights in a particular situation. It is evident that his years of experience played a huge role in him not only handling my case but also getting it dismissed within mere hours! Though I hope to never find myself in another compromising position, I know that should I ever need help THIS IS THE MAN I WILL CALL.


Best Representation

Attorney Wax came highly recommended by his colleagues. I had an extremely difficult case that had great detail in administrative technicalities, where I could have lost my license and had my business destroyed. Thanks to Mr. Wax who always made himself personally available to me, he gave his utmost attention and compassion. He understood every detail with precise skill on my behalf. The outcome was beyond belief!!! He is the ultimate defense because justice only exists when you have the best representation. Thank you, Mr. Wax!!!!!!

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Don't leave your freedom to chance. Team up with me, a criminal defense attorney with over 37 years of trial experience. I've defended individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers throughout Florida and the United States, and now I'm ready to defend you.

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When your freedom, livelihood, finances, and future are at stake, you need a criminal defense attorney with proven experience to represent you. Since 1985, I've worked rigorously to help all of my clients understand their rights and have solidified my reputation as a skilled advocate both in and out of the courtroom.

As a health care fraud attorney, I represent individuals and companies that are under investigation or charged with healthcare fraud. I possess the in-depth knowledge and intuition necessary to help my clients pursue and attain their ideal outcomes.

Building a solid defense for high-stakes white-collar cases like these requires a level of dedication and knowledge that only comes with experience. For the trusted support you deserve, contact me today to set up a consultation.