What to Expect if You’re Charged with Financial Crimes

Financial crimes are among the most sensitive in the US criminal justice system. Some of the issues that constitute financial crimes include fraud, embezzlement, corruption and related actions, which are often labeled as “white-collar crimes.” Various federal agencies are tasked with investigating and carrying out the prosecution of all individuals that commit financial crimes in the country. This article provides a guideline on what an individual should expect if they are accused of a financial crime.

The Arrest

Once substantial accusations and allegations have been made and federal investigators have conducted preliminary investigations and determined details indicating a possible crime, they will work with other law enforcement agencies to make an arrest. During this stage, you will be provided with an explanation as to why you are being arrested and you will be warned that any of your actions and words could be used as evidence against you in a court of law. Resisting arrest may lead to a different charge.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It is important to note that even after allegations have been levied, you are still innocent in the eye of the law. Once you are arrested on charges relating to financial and white-collar crimes, you can still maintain your innocence until you are found guilty of committing the alleged offence. As an accused person, you maintain all the constitutional rights defined for accused individuals, such as the right to fair and humane treatment, access to legal counsel, and all other guidelines as stipulated in the applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which you are arrested.

The Trial

Next, you will be presented to a court administered by a federal judge within the shortest and most reasonable amount of time after the arrest is made. You are required to be represented by a qualified lawyer unless you choose to handle the case by yourself. If you are unable to meet the necessary legal fees, you can have a state-paid lawyer to represent you in the trial.

A financial crimes suspect reserves the right to apply for and receive reasonable bail terms as determined by the court. Once the bail is awarded, you will pay the amount stipulated and then walk free until the case is completed. The case could be held and determined over several months before you are found guilty or not guilty. If you are found not guilty, you should prepare for an appeal. If you are found guilty in the initial ruling, you can file a motion of appeal in a higher court. If all the appeals fail, you will have to serve the sentence and sanctions that could be rendered upon the conclusion of the trial.   

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